From Coimbatore to Sulthan Bathery 🇮🇳

Beyond highways and traffic, there are amazing roads like the NH-766, specially the stretch from Thamarassery to Sulthan Bathery just before entering Bandipur Tiger Reserve, or the one that crosses Malappuram District.

The road from Coimbatore to Thamarassery, passing through the charming small towns in Malappuram District, is fantastic (narrow but good tarmac).

Chullikkunnu, Malappuram District

But the best ride was from Tamarassery to Sulthan Bathery, crossing a spectacular mountain pass with excelent tarmac full of bends from the beginning to the end. Remember to be careful with the monkeys 🐒, you might find lots of groups in every corner such as spectators.

Watching the traffic from Wayanad Churam viewpoint

Route details

  • Starting point: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India)
  • Destination: Sulthan Bathery, Kerala (India)
  • Distance: 252 km
  • Road conditions: single lane road, great tarmac.
  • Remarks: awesome mountain pass from Thamarassery to Sulthan Bathery.

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