Environment, Health and Safety

Take care of the Earth and she shall take care of you

EHS is a discipline that is implemented by many companies for environment protection and safety at work. It simply means that organizations undertake this discipline to make sure that their work do not cause harm to either the environment or the people associated with it.

99 Treez is no exception in following these practices as the company is strongly committed towards protecting the environment, health and safety of people who work for us. Our EHS managers identify relevant EHS regulations and implications, and are communicated to the executive management so that the company can execute these measures.

From a health and safety perspective, the company identifies work place hazards, exposure to harmful substances or situations to avoid accidents and also trains its employees in accident response, emergency situations, protective clothing, first aid, et cetera.

From an environmental perspective, the company creates a systematic approach in complying with the environmental regulations, waste management and reducing carbon footprints.